Michele Shah SRL | Michele Shah’s travel philosophy
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Michele Shah’s travel philosophy

Hello and welcome!

First and foremost! You will be guided over the entire trip by Michèle Shah who is not only an authority in Italian wine, but she also knows many of the top producers on a personal level, which will enable you to share the unique experience of meeting some of the owners of the wineries. We will be visiting the milestones of Italian wine production and leaders of the Italian wine industry – those historic and iconic wineries that put Italy on the global wine map in terms of quality and identity.
This is actually one of the focal points of our trip, that you will be enjoying an exceptional and exclusive experience. Thanks to my working experience as a wine journalist and consultant in the wine trade I am able to set up VIP visits and encounters with some of Italy’s top wine producers, winemakers who I have known for over 20 years! This sets the atmosphere to the trip with a special personal touch which takes our travel experience to a higher, exclusive level (when compared to your normal wine tour experience).
We will have private tastings and private tours, taste the top range of wines and sit in the company of the owners, many of whom descend from historic noble families, but also have the input from the winemakers and the top team members who run the winery. We will also visit the iconic producers, maybe from very small vineyards, but those who are doing innovative and quality driven wines, those who are the leaders in the world trends of wine.
On each trip, Michele Shah personally selects each restaurant according to its traditional cuisine and the wines to pair with the menu so that we get the best range of wine & food pairing. We will also enjoy dining with some the winemakers and owners, as well as exploring Michelin starred restaurants and fantastic simple local trattorias. Food will be plentiful! And each lunch and dinner will be in its own right an experience of travel though Italy and its fantastically rich regional cuisine. If anyone has food intolerances or other dietary requirements we can cater for this. Best if I know in advance.
The aim is to have fun, to explore the world of wine and taste the delights of genuine Italian cuisine, inland and by the sea. We will have enough time to experience local culture, local history and architecture, often visiting some local artisans. I can assure you that the trip has a good mix of wine, sight-seeing and immersing yourselves in the cultural atmosphere of Italy.
Our accommodation will be comfortable but with local style and color. We will stay in historic buildings, wine estates and charming hotels some with parks and beautiful gardens, pools and terraces with views. Good breakfasts will be provided and we will preferably dine in our accommodation which after a full day’s itinerary is far more relaxing.
Our travels will be by private bus, with a maximum capacity of 20 seats, which will accompany us throughout the trip.
Whatever we do and wherever we go we will have the top experts tell us their story of success and how it‘s done! My aim is to give you a lifetime’s experience of Italy’s regonal, culture, wine, food and unforgettable landscapes.